Vision & Mission


Building a capable, civilized and equitable society


In order to get its target people in mainstream of sustainable development,  KOSIS Nepal intends to implement the activities on awareness raising, income generation, skill oriented, infrastructure development, health, education and biodiversity with maximum utilization of local resources.


  • To establish liaison and co-ordination with different organizations for smooth running of the organization
  • Every group will have 50% participation of male and 50% participation of female
  • There will be a marked decrease in discrimination between a son and a daughter and in discrimination based on untouchablility
  • The personnel working in the organization will have enhanced their skills for operating the organization
  • Conducting different activities in remote and backward communities and societies.


  • To carry out awareness raising programs for rural people.
  • To bring marginalized and poor people in mainstream of development, carry out special programs for them.
  • To produce man power to identify and effective utilization of local resources.
  • To reduce poverty by implementing income generation activities.
  • To carry out need assessment, program planning and implementation for community development.
  • To run the different programs to continue (Promote) gender equality concept.
  • To initiate to implement partnership program by coordinating with GOs and NGOs
  • To carry out different activities to encourage people for community and organizational development.
  • To formulate and implement program for biodiversity and sound environment.
  • To run educational programs to support for community development.
  • To implement different programs to promote justice, human right, as well as welfare of children, indigenous people and women.
  • To implement different activities for forest protection and soil management.
  • To organize awareness program including campaign on health education.